Flexible Black Rubber Door Stopper


✓SUPERIOR DOOR STOP – No more slamming doors or struggling to open doors with hands full of groceries! Keep all your doors securely wedged with our stylish Baltic Living door stops
✓BEST VALUE PACK – With our value 5 pack you can not only save money but have a door stopper for every room in the house while avoiding the hassle of additional purchases
✓SUPER GRIP, EXTRA HEIGHT– The double-sided super grip tread, with the extra top grip, wedges doors securely in any position. Made to fit! Our innovative new design has increased the door stop height to 1.2 inches, ensuring a perfect fit under most doors
✓NO SCRATCH, NO SMELL – No more scratches on your floors! Made from non-toxic flexible rubber suitable on all surfaces & doesn’t leave that horrible plastic smell like other doorstops

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